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F. Spindler, F. Chaumette, T. Fauconnier, C. Blonz. Control of a camera by the glance. IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, Video Session, ICRA'00, San Francisco, California, April 2000.


In this video we propose a visual servoing of the orientation of a camera mounted on a robot, using human eye movements. Visual data stemmed from an eye-tracker, providing the direction of the look of an operator, is generally noisy and sometimes inconsistent. Filtering, smoothing and stabilizing this eye-tracker data are thus necessary in order to move the camera in the direction specified by the operator's eye. A closed-loop visual servoing control scheme, which performs the regulation of the selected vision-based task is also presented. The whole scheme has been implemented and tested on an experimental testbed. On various experiments (gazing and target tracking with several pilots), the validity and stability of our approach has been demonstrated. This work makes possible human-controlled survey applications such as long range inspection in sensitive sites


Fabien Spindler
Francois Chaumette

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