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G. Flandin, F. Chaumette, E. Marchand. Eye-in-hand / eye-to-hand cooperation for visual servoing. In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, ICRA'00, Volume 3, Pages 2741-2746, San Francisco, California, April 2000.

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The use of a camera in a robot control loop can be performed with two types of architecture: the camera is said eye-in-hand when rigidly mounted on the robot end-effector and it is said eye-to-hand when it observes the robot within its work space. These two schemes have technical differences and they can play very complementary parts. Obviously, the eye-in-hand one has a partial but precise sight of the scene whereas the eye-to-hand camera has a less precise but global sight of it. The motivation of our work is to take advantage of both, free-standing and robot-mounted sensors, in a cooperation scheme. The system we present in this paper performs two separate tasks: a positioning one that is ensured in the global image and a tracking one performed in the local image. For robustness considerations, the control law stability is proved and several cooperative schemes are studied and compared in experimental results


Francois Chaumette
Eric Marchand

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